Friday, June 29, 2007

Beep Beep!

Rick Lacy's arrived, folks!

A few words about my illustrious partner:

1) He wears leather, a lot of it. But only on his extremities.
2) He knows Form 7. That's the deadliest lightsaber dueling stance.
3) Any time he gets bored in conversation (and often just for the hell of it), he rolls up in his Conversational Clown Car, pulls everybody in, and floors it, dragging the talk into a virtual Toon Land.
4) He once tried to date a Disney Princess at Disney World
5) He loves to try to date bartenders and actresses
6) He's still single
7) He calls himself "Schmoopie" and also "Baby" (I wouldn't mention this, but he does it in public).
8) After seeing any action movie, Rick will walk out of the theater and imitate its main character (again, does it in public). I have witnessed Rick as the following characters:
  • The Hulk
  • Jack Sparrow
  • Wolverine
  • Nathan Algren (the last samurai)
  • Rick Lacy as an Angel (that night the clown car took us to a land where there was one male Charlie's Angel)
  • V (as in for Vendetta)
  • Captain Malcolm Reynolds

Welcome him!

And now that I've embarrassed him, the praise: every script I've ever written has gotten between 80 and 100 percent better after he's drawn it.

It's humbling and kinda amazing.