Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Happy Fourth!

We here at Labor Days Towers choose to celebrate the founding of this country by drinking a frosty toast to utopian ideals. And who better to share the brew of freedom with than Leon Trotsky and Antonio Gramsci, our resident Marxists.

They're the type that wanna get up in your country, corrupt your capitalist assumptions, pervert your bourgeois morality and dance a lusty jig all over your cultural hegemony. Then jet off on super scooters towards a golden tomorrow.

But they're both dead. So that's all a bit tough.

Lucky then that versions of them live on between the pages of Labor Days, sharing a flat in London, plotting for the day when they can return to prominence, smash the state, remake the world, and get it done right. But to do all that, they'll need to get their hands on a certain mysterious object. And therein lies the crux of their involvement in our little tale.

So Happy Fourth of July from the ghosts of revolutions past and the spirit of revolutions yet to come! Go watch some fireworks, and think about those moments when the world changes.