Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Lay Bo Daze

Fan art by Kathryn DeFeo. You wish you were this cool. So do I.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Days : Just Another Damn Contest!

Who wants hot, burning art? Who wants to look History square in the eye, spit at its feet, lock the hammer back and offer him an ultimatum...

...just to have your girlfriend aerate his body with speeding lead.

Yeah, so do I!

At NYC Comic Con the toiling Dukes of Labor Days tower
(which looks like this)

will be collecting entries for our art contest. To enter, just draw anything (and we mean anything) from the Labor Days world. It has to feature a character from the book caught up in his or her own antics. Color or black and white. Traditional. Digital. Your call. Then email a copy to us here to be in the ultimate contest running.

Email ricklacy @ gmail . com with the subject "Labor Days Contest"

Make sure your submission is in by Oct 7th before the convention weekend starts!

There will also be a day to day contest at NYC Comic Con! All you have to do is find us at the oni press booth, hand off your submission(this can be the same submission for the big prize) to either myself or Supreme Duke in Charge of Horror Phil Gelatt. At the end of each day, we'll pick a winner who will receive a signed copy the Labor Days sketchbook.

Once all entries are in, we'll chose an ultimate winner who will receive an original page from Labor Days Vol. 2, a signed copy of both volumes AND a spot for their pin-up in our next Labor Days project. There will be a 2nd and 3rd place winner who's submissions will also be featured in our next printed work.

Ready!? Goooooooooooooo!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

People In Trouble.

EDIT: Due to specific circumstances, this endeavor is on hold. I will update when gears are spinning and the fires are hot. KEEP YOUR PANTS ON.

This one's for the dreamer who was told he shouldn't dream.

Starting on Monday, July 26th, 2010, I'll be releasing 3 pages a day in chronological order of the entire, READABLE two volumes that compromises Labor Days to date. Three pages a day until the entire saga is told, for everyone to enjoy who hasn't enjoyed it yet. This is your SDCC 2010 announcement. By the end, I'll hope you come by NYC Comic Con (or any con we attend) and say hi to us here at Labor Days Towers. We'll let you dream.

The Enormatons.

"You're not crazy, its the world around you that is."