Friday, June 15, 2007

It's like Indiana Jones… but with "cunt"

Welcome one and all to the Labor Days work blog.

So what is Labor Days? It is, or rather will be, a comic book published in 2008 by Oni Press.

Herein you'll find the behind the scenes ramblings, ravings and reassurances of the Labor Days creative team. That team of lads being principally comprised of myself, Philip Gelatt and my loose tongued and loose cannoned partner, Rick Lacy. I do the writing and shaking of my head in disappointment. Rick does the drawing, drives the clown car and dons the capes.

This space will be a collection of notes, thoughts, drawings and miscellanea. All the basic elements one expects of a work blog and then some.

But what is Labor Days, really? To begin to answer that, I defer to the title of this post.

(That's how we roll here at Labor Days Towers. Minorly offensive, sure, but mostly just bemusing.)

Stay tuned!