Thursday, June 28, 2007

Rick Lacy reporting in! SWOOSH!

Thought it high time to get a post up in (as Phil puts it) this funkatronic mix. Been fussing over creating a specific LD layout for the blog and shirking my duties as co-mod, and we cant have that. We need a cooperative post matrix. A nexus of creative tendrils linking our space-minds!

So I'm gonna drop in a sketch of our anti-hero. The no-where-man, Benton Bagswell.

Creating ol' Benters here was an arduous process, that i shant bore you all with this day. Since there's lots more to come. One of my specific influences when creating Bags was Shinichiro Watanabe's Spike Spiegle character from Cowboy Bebop. Anyone familiar with said show will know that Spike is an ex-mob hitman and accomplished martial artist.


But as far as his demeanor, the way Spike carries himself and interacts with others, as well as his penchant for smoking were all labels i loved about the archetype.

Well i'm getting longwinded here. My jobs ta make good with the drawings!

So stay tuned! the Labor Day masterworks are gonna get rolling and soon you wont be able to stop it!

Or the signal for the matter.