Thursday, June 28, 2007


I can't fix the below image hosting problem until i get my sweet ass back to work. So until then, lets rant a bit.

Whenever I'm drawing the cast of Labor Days outside the confines of the comic pages, for some unusual reason i conjur up the idea that they're play acting and now they're off set. So most of my drawings is them hanging about, or sitting in a car, or in this case taking a load off at a pub. Something the three of them prolly wont tend to do at all in the comic. Maybe Bags and Victoria might, but Stryker would prolly burst through the door and yell "everyone, quick, get in the car!"

and Bags would say "why the bloody hell for..?"

"Does lightning ask thunder why its so loud!? NO! Lightning flashes about... and gets in the damn car!" Stryker would retort.

and Bags says " Wow. You've got a bloody chee...OW MY HAIR!" cause stryker just grabbed him by the locks.

Maybe thats what would happen.