Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Loyal Readers, Occasional Skimmers, Folks who just Stumbled here by Accident,

Last week, I yapped on and on all week long (till the break of dawn?)

This week, I want to try something else. I'm gonna call it the "Mid August Labor Days Pop Culture Brawl."

Below is a list of a few pop culture opinions that I support. I've tried to choose contentious ones.

Now here's the game. If you don't agree with one or many of those opinions, e-mail me and tell me why and we'll have it out.

I'll post responses and back-and-forths to the blog. Provided, of course, that I get any.

I love an all-out all-in-good-fun pop culture row.

The List:

- Will Ferrell: Not Funny

- Robo-cop: Greatest American Film of the 1980s

- 24: Bad for America

- Interview with the Vampire: Hunkiest Movie of all Time

Subset: Also most homoerotic film made in Hollywood, to date

- Cameron Crowe: Almost Complete Crap

- On Her Majesty's Secret Service: Best Bond Film till Last Year

- Twin Peaks Fire Walk With Me: Pretty Damned Good

- Star Wars: Not a Single Redeeming Trait

If you have some other controversial pop culture opinions you'd like to share, e-mail me with them.

I'll probably argue even if I agree.

Basically, this is an attempt for me to see who's out there. There might not be anyone out there. But I aim to find out and I aim to do so by hearing what you think about shit.

People who I know in the real 3D world can feel free to participate as well.

Reach me at Replace the AT with the symbol, you know the drill.