Friday, August 3, 2007

First step into a larger world..

Hey all you Labor Daydites! Labor Daysians? Er....anyway, Phil is gonna kill me for quoting Obi Wan Kenobi. But thats how it felt at this years Comic-Con.

The convention was awesome for Phil and I, especially since we got to announce our book and release some of the first art. The ashcan i've already posted so here is the cover of the book which was seen as a poster at the Oni booth. I composed the drawing and my friend Liz Artinian, who is an amazing artist was kind enough to do up this spectacular painting. The logo was designed by another friend of mine, Dong Lee, who's graphic design skillz are just awesome.

Newsarama has posted a little blurb about our upcoming book on their blog too. Which we appreciate immensely. I believe my reaction was "buh, wah!?"

Thanks Newsarama!

So the convention was a good trip for the LD boyz and stick around for further developments, as listed below in Phil's previous post.

Rick, out! SWOOOOOOSH!