Sunday, August 19, 2007

The Road to Now, pt. 5

Everybody Out of the Car: Now!

And so, as my re-writes got under way, Rick and I came to become fans of a certain Oni comic.

Fans to the point where we ended up sending an e-mail to its creator professing our love for the book.

And he passed our information onto the fellows at Oni. Who were intrigued by the concept, and, let's be honest, impressed with Rick's work on Venture Brothers. They said they wanted to do it, and after a lovely dinner/drinks meeting in the sadly now closed Cedar bar, we had a deal.

So the Labor Days publishing contract was born, many long years after the first hand shake that got the endeavor going.

And that brings us today, with Rick hard at work drawing the first book and me hard at work writing the end of the first book.

Next week, I'm in Wisconsin. Anyone want anything?