Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Rumble... Winner!

Well, the response to Rumble I: The Experiment was... underwhelming.

That's okay though, because we're doing it again soon and next time we're doing it through comments. So all you lazy ones out there can play along.

But there was one reader who took up the challenge. And so I proclaim Kevin Houlihan of Madison, Wisconsin to be Winner and Supreme Champion.

A few of his responses:
But Kevin is wrong about one thing: "Star Wars is great" he says. "It opened the door for film in creating an alternate world and environment and addressing every detail... it was also the first movie I saw with my dad in our local downtown theater."

See what Kevin's doing here?

a) He's being flat out wrong

b) He's mistaking nostalgia for redeeming quality.

That's okay though, because Kevin's adorable:

Also, congratulations again on getting engaged.