Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Gist

It's hard to distill a thing to its quintessential nature. Especially a story. Hard and frustrating work trying to sort out those words that'll make it all together.

But I've been down in the basement lab all night trying (that's me on the right), because I want you all to get it.

So here it is again, the question:

What is Labor Days?

It is the story of Benton Bagswell. He's in his 20s. He lives in London. And he's a loser. He does chores for a living.

One day, into Bags' life comes a mysterious videotape. You remember those, the old VHS kind. And with the tape comes a cast of bizarre characters, revolutionaries, spies, arsonists, mad psychiatrists, and etc. All of them gunning for possession of the tape.

And so Bags travels down the rabbit hole of misadventure, his life somehow adhering to a mythological logic (a mytho-logic?) that he might never understand. All of this leading to him making some serious decisions about the world and his place in it.

.... huh.

Still doesn't quite capture it how I want.

Did I mention there will be explosions? And lots of punching?

Rick, get on here and show them how we do a punch and an explosion. While we wait for the him, I guess I'll head back to the lab to try something different:

(that's me on the table)