Thursday, July 26, 2007

Comic-Con Post One: Arm the Showless

Bags loves sci-fi (more on that and his favorite film later). And so do I.

I am, however, done with calling Star Wars sci-fi. It's sci-fa(ntasy). I've heard it argued in "clever" intellectual circles that a close study of Star Wars would show it had more in common with the western than anything else. I don't buy that.

It is fantasy, both scientifically and morally. And I am sick to death of it.

(noted: "Rick Lacy is certainly not sick to death of Star Wars >:P" - Rick Lacy

And so I eagerly await the day when Star Trek and its legions of slumbering fans (I know you're out there, I've seen the documentaries), march back upon Comic-Con and the nation at large to retake a portion of what is theirs.

Never a Star Trek fan myself, I am eagerly awaiting J.J. Abrams film. I want the trekkies to arm themselves and storm the gates of Nerd and get rid of some of these damn lightsabers and white helmets.

(Fast forward five years for a version of this post begging Star Trek to go away)

(China Mieville argues, as do others, that science-fiction and fantasy are actually the same genre wearing different masks, if you will. I pretty much buy that. So maybe I'm just going to call Star Wars shi-fa. Insert the "t" and the "ntasy" as you see fit.)

(I could rant about Star Wars and science-fiction all day, so be glad this ended here)

(If you want to know where my major tv/film sci-fi allegiances lie, look to a little space station called Babylon 5 or a ship called Serenity or a data-dog named Ein)

(More on comic-con as it develops)