Friday, August 1, 2008

Stick A Fork In It....

...Labor Days is done!!!

I just put the final brush stroke on the art for Volume 1! And I've never felt better or more accomplished than right now.

There's still alot more to do to get the book ready for the Small Press Expo in Oct, but essentially all the book art is done. This has been one hell of an undertaking for Phil and I and we can't wait to get this thing on the shelves. Stick around for more art and news as we get closer to SPX.

For now, here's the pencils for the final page of the book. I have several methods of finishing my pencils. The last few pages I've just been drawing over blue pencils with a Peacock Blue Prismacolor marker. My preffered method is to pile on the post-its over rough drawings, making a sort Frakkenstien's monster out of the page. Then enlarging it to ink over to bristol board.

I'm gonna go throw up now.