Wednesday, July 23, 2008


SDCC 2008 starts today, and though I shall be missing said event for the purposes of monetary recruitment and work obligations, young PM Jeepers will be wandering the con floor with a steely gaze and a bottom pinching urge. There wont be much in terms of Labor Days news at this con. Phil should be on the Oni Press panel just reiterating the release date like we did last year and again at NYCC a few months ago. Are you guys just as anxious as I am to finally release this damn thing?! Sheesh! Just a few more months. Oni will have some cool new shwag at thier booth this weekend, including The Apocalipstix release by Guy Fawkes and Cameron Stewart and a crap load of new merch. Check'em out!

For now I leave you all with a bite from Labor Days: Chapter 4: Bosoms and Blues.