Tuesday, November 20, 2007

WOW! Where have we been?!

Well I'll tell you. Right here. Working on whats bound to be your new favorite graphic novel, Labor Days: Vol. One; A Tale of Comedic Miss-adventures and Guns. I feel ashamed that i haven't paid enough attention as of late to the ol' LD blog. Ironicly, its because I've been paying so much darn attention to the actual book.

As I type this i realized i haven't scanned hardly any art into my computer and my scanner is at the studio, and my cozy little butt is sitting on the couch at home. So for now I'll leave you with the comic pages we used to pitch Labor Days to Oni press. I think these might be pushing almost three years old. Sheesh!

I also got a haircut today. Not as short as i wanted, but still awesome.