Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Awake o Rama (Stumping for the box office)

"Awake" written and directed by Joby Harold opens this weekend. I highly recommend everyone see it.

And that's not just because I know and idolize Joby and used to work for the co-producer.

It's because it's a damn fine piece of filmmaking.

And it'll make you think Hayden ain't that bad.

And it'll make you wonder where Lena Olin has been all your life.

And it'll make you never want that heart surgery you were dying to have.

So, if it's playing near you this weekend, go see it. If it's not, get in your car and drive to where it is playing. Or get someone who lives where it is playing, to see it for you and tell you all about it.

Cheers for Awake!


P.S. by Rickle Lacypants: "I almost did storyboards for this film! We luvs the Jobi!"