Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Rick and Phil gab it up at Sequential Tart

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Off on a Trangent

Sifting through the boxes and boxes of LD art we have have over here in the dungeon levels of Labor Days Tower I came across some very ancient character designs. One of which was this quintessential drawing of Bags' ex, Kelly Trangent. In the early drafts of LD, Ms. Trangent had a bigger roll and her rocky relationship with Bags a larger plot scenario. Well that all hit the cutting room floor and she was only used to further the idea of Bags' out of control life. She can be seen more prominently in our Ashcan that leads into the first volume.

And here also are a few choice pages from Chapter 2: Bags In Bedlam

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saddle, I can has back in it?

This blog is in sour need of a new post! Fortunatly Phil and I have been very busy with a number of new projects, including LABOR DAYS VOL. 2, so rest assured we havent been sitting on our rumps. We were at APE last weekend and had a good time of it. I prefered SPX more, but had never been out to San Fran before. So it was a good time. Except for the rainy weather. We met some very verocious fans and ran into our buddy JK Parkin from Newsarama. Plus strong sales on the book. I good weekend for sure.

I haven't scanned in any new art recently, but I have uploaded two pictures of pages from Vol. 2 on my FLICKR. Which I posted below. Check out my full photostream HERE!