Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saddle, I can has back in it?

This blog is in sour need of a new post! Fortunatly Phil and I have been very busy with a number of new projects, including LABOR DAYS VOL. 2, so rest assured we havent been sitting on our rumps. We were at APE last weekend and had a good time of it. I prefered SPX more, but had never been out to San Fran before. So it was a good time. Except for the rainy weather. We met some very verocious fans and ran into our buddy JK Parkin from Newsarama. Plus strong sales on the book. I good weekend for sure.

I haven't scanned in any new art recently, but I have uploaded two pictures of pages from Vol. 2 on my FLICKR. Which I posted below. Check out my full photostream HERE!