Thursday, June 19, 2008


Okay this one isn't directly Labor Days related, but still important...

A documentary about blazing mad and epically great screenwriting legend Dalton Trumbo opens in New York and LA next Friday, the 27th of June. Watch the trailer here.

Trumbo, for you non-film people out there who didn't just watch the trailer, wrote movies like Spartacus, Roman Holiday, Exodus and Papillon. He was also one of the Hollywood 10, blacklisted and forced out of the film industry because he refused to submit to HUAC.

I highly recommend everyone I know in either LA and NYC go see the movie. If it does well this opening weekend, it'll open in more cities, spreading like a wonderful eye-plague across the nation.

I know, I know, "See a documentary? In the theaters? Isn't that what TV is for? Why am I paying for cable if not for the History Channel?"

Well, my unenlightened imaginary reader, I'm here to tell you, that Trumbo is one of the most satisfying documentaries you're likely ever to see. It is well-worth the price of admission. It does the things that every great documentary, and every great film, does: it enlightens, it challenges and it entertains while doing it. It takes you to a place you've probably never thought about before, with a cantankerous and charismatic character as your guide.

And it has stars in it! Bonafide stars, the kind who have papers to prove they are in fact famous. People like Liam Neeson, Paul Giamatti, Michael Douglas, Joan Allen and Nathan Lane. And more than that even.

If you're interested in American history, it's a must see. If you're interested in human drama, in depth and complexity of emotion, it's a must see. If you're interested in the English language, in the act of writing, in the history of film, it's must see. If you're interested in politics, in the epic narrative of the 20th century, in dangerous acts of rebellion, it's a must see. If you love the Constitution, Das Kapital, or even just Spartacus, it's a must see. If you love masturbation, it's a must see. If you love Donald Motherfucking Sutherland (and lord knows this blog does), it's a must see.

Hell, if you love Metallica's video "One," it's a must see. Those infamous clips in the video? Yeah, those are from a Trumbo film. See? This guy's all over the place.

Let me put it in Rick Lacy terms: Dalton Trumbo was the Han Solo of screenwriting. There, now go see the movie.

And if all that weren't enough, it was also produced by close friends of Labor Days, Will Battersby and Tory Tunnell. Indie producers extraordinaire and all around good people.

It opens the 27th of June. LA and New York. Buy tickets, go see it, tell your friends, tell your enemies, tell your neighbors. It's well worth it, I promise.