Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Message from Ms. Arnheim

It would appear that I have slacken on my duties to supply supple blog posts concerning process and art of the book here-to-for known as Labor Days: Essays in the Fun-dane. So, Victoria here would like to post some rough penciled art.

Thanks Victoria!

Ok, um. Hi. My name's Victoria. I'm in the book that these guys are making for some guys. Um...anyway, I guess i should fill in the details here.

After Young Jeepers stresses and toils over draft after draft of scripts. Smoking and cursing and Gelabatoning, he hands it over to Rick with a grin and a wink. Then he reads through it at his earliest convenience, marking thumbnail layouts in the margin. Along with, I noticed, girl's names circled by hearts and pictures of himself driving trucks. Silly. When the day is done, he'll plot out every chapter in these nifty lil' 4x6 "sketchbooks."

So, after Rick has the whole chapter mapped out, he'll blow these up to the appropriate page ratio and begin to scribble out happy comic happenings. The first chapter he left rather rough, dontcha think? He claims he was still finding his flow with the comic-crafting and tends to figure things out in ink anyway. Blah blah blah, right? Apparently he doesn't mind leaving poses rough, or BG's just gone! However I noticed by the end of Vol. one he's begun to draw clearer. And crisper. So baby gets a treat. I guess its his urge to do things differently. Or his methods spontaneously changing or the knowledge now that a cleaner page is a happier page. Right? (he gabs about so much artsy bullcrap sometimes). So here are the first four rough pages of LB:V.1:Ch.1
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