Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Curing Reality.

(An IMversation between Rick and me. About a year and a half ago. About a project that has yet to come to fruition, denoted by "HU".)

Dark Horse isn't really going to see much HU.
Most people aren't.

Most people won't... until they get their comp copy.
Until everyone in the U.S. gets their comp copy.
Free HU for everyone!
Rick, listen...
It'll cure heroin addiction.
It'll cure homosexuality and heterosexuality.
It'll cure death.
It'll cure night time
and storms.
It'll cure male pattern baldness
and fat childrenitis
and it'll help kittens stay cute
and it'll help puppies with only three legs
see that everything is okay
and it'll help crack babies find crack.
Because, Rick, they need HU, but they need
crack more.
Because we're going to save the fucking world with this stuff.


The whole world.
One household at a time.
And even if you don't have a household,
we'll save you anyway.
Poor little Sudan boys will read it
and their eyes will clear
and their bellies will fill
and they'll know it's time!
Time for a better world.

Can I shine a ray of reality here for a moment?

No, Rick, we're curing reality.
No more reality!
For anyone!
We're free now.

(Photo by Charles Lavoie. Taken three nights ago. See that off-kilter smile? I'm still trying to save you all, whether you like it or not)

(In other news, Rick has yet to post those character bios he promised us)