Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Thoughts from a Tuesday

It's a pretty lame Tuesday over here. Let me give you a run down of what I've learned today:

- Southland Tales, the follow-up to Donnie Darko, sounds just as full of promise and disappointment as Darko itself. I found the earlier film to be not quite as smart as it was pretending to be, but frustratingly close to being something really special.

- I will never stop loving Gary Numan. I have a funny story about drinking too much and Gary Numan. But I'll save that for another time.

- Michael Chabon did a treatment for the first X-men movie that didn't feature any super villains. It was all character development within the x-team. I think that idea is just as smart as it is pretending to be.

- There is a damn fancy bus service that goes between D.C. and NYC.

- David Cronenberg was interviewed by the Guardian recently. He's so dreamy.

And that's it. The summation of Tuesday.

Rick's out there somewhere. Drawing and looking great doing it.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Across Town

Take a stroll across the internet to visit the blog of loyal LD supporter Tom Bayne.

It's called Modernarthur.

Some things Tom Bayne Does:

- Works on Venture Brothers
- Lives in Greenpoint
- Dates the lead singer of a band called Clean & Nasty
- Enjoys the works of Steven Coogan
- Thinks a lot about his home town of Butler
- Works for Arli$$, but only under duress

I also highly recommend the archives at Modern Arthur. They're found here.

Here's a Labor Days themed post from way back in '05. Look at how strange Bags looks. And dig all those panels that have been lost in the wreckage of the re-writes.